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Publishing with Us

You will find working with us is different to working with a big publisher. We are large enough to have all resources needed to serve our authors and other publishing partners, yet small enough to provide personal attention and responsiveness to authors' needs. The editorial care and attention we can offer makes us stand out from the bigger publishers. We also offer high quality editorial production and printing throughout the production process from the signing of the contract to getting the book onto the shelves.

Submitting Manuscripts

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Aeon Books.

We are currently only considering manuscripts in the areas of Herbal Medicine and Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you would like to submit any work in these areas, please send us a one page abstract of the work, an outline of the entire manuscript (table of contents), and some sample chapters.

Your covering letter should outline the genre and theme of the book, when you would be ready to submit the final manuscript, the approximate number of words in the book, and if there are any published books that yours could be compared to. These documents should then be sent by email to us.

Submitted proposals should receive a response within two to three weeks.

Alternatively, please fill in the electronic form below (fields labelled with * are required) and we will email you by return with instructions regarding your submission :


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Review copies

Aeon Games operates review copy service on all their recent titles. This service is only available to members of the press, podcasters and journal editors who will commission or write reviews to be published in their relevant works.

Requests may be made using this form for a maximum of five (5) paperback titles. This service is free of charge and available worldwide, but please note that we cannot provide any book which is not published by Aeon Games, and we require a copy of the review once it is published.