Roleplaying in a Land of High Chivalry and Wonder

By (author) Mark Shirley

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  • Publisher : Aeon Games
  • Published : November 2020
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : 150
  • Size : 216mm(w) x 279mm(h)
  • Catalogue No : 40500
  • ISBN 13 : 9781911471257
  • ISBN 10 : 1911471252
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Welcome to the feudal fantasy world called Perceforest! A World of High Chivalry, Wonder, Existential Menace, and Sacred Kingship

Perceforest is a fictional world of high chivalry set against the forces of the primal wild. It is based on a vast epic of the same name, written in the fourteenth century by an anonymous author about the lands that would later be known as England and Scotland. The author introduces a vast array of characters: kings, knights, damsels, sorcerers, and even the occasional talking animal.

The setting described in these pages is that of the Perceforest saga, modified and expanded to create a new fantasy world with all the adventure of the original work, but one without the explicit connection to Britain, Arthur, or his Knights.

It is expected that one or more players will have knight characters, even if this is not their primary career. Being a knight is more than just being in charge of a horse and harness: a knight is expected to uphold the code of chivalry and act with honour and courage; caution and fore-thought are foreign concepts.

Perceforest is a world rich in magic. There are evil sorcerers and enchanter-knights, damsels steeped in secret lore and witches weaving spells. The land is strewn with wonders — invisible castles, magical swords, men made of iron, and even fish on horseback! Players can have characters such as talking animals, playful badger knights, magpie heralds, or snake magicians.

A hostile force looks on the civilised land with envious eyes; this force is commonly called The Forest, which is a shorthand term for the primal wild that created all living things save for mankind.

The settlers brought with them the gentle culture that now permeates much of Bretaigne society, along with new laws and the rigorous policy of land clearance that robbed The Forest of its territory in order to plant crops and raise livestock. The player characters are at the forefront of defending this way of life, having been placed in charge of a village and charged with making it prosper.

The fortunes of a kingdom are tied to the health and character of its king, and when one prospers so does the other. As the saga opens both of the Twin Kingdoms are ruled by ailing kings, a state of affairs that results in lawlessness and chaos. As members of the ruling elite, the player characters are expected to take up the fight against injustice and help to keep the kingdom safe until the king recovers.

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By (author) Mark Shirley

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Malcolm on 02/05/2021

Perceforest by Mark Shirley is one of the most imaginative and distinctive role playing settings i have ever come across. The characters that inhabit this land of Bretaigne are beautifully devised with lucious names and descriptions that fire the imagination. The map of Bretaigne is a sideways skewed version of the British Isles, the names of places on the map rich with authenticity that urge you to use your own creativity to further elaborate on them. How much has been adapted from the original Perceforest writings I do not know as I have never read the tome, but am now encouraged to purchase a copy to delve further into this marvellous setting.
If i have one criticism and it is slight, it is the 'Vill System' which is rather complex and almost like having to run your own business rather than playing an enjoyable role playing game. Having said that, the author has inserted a box note advising you to ignore more complex detail if that is not your style. The Mythras rule system itself is perhaps one of the more detailed and complicated rule systems around, great if that is your style and if not, use what suits you as Gamesmaster/Storyteller and discard what doesn't. This is a glorious setting, beautifully constructed, and i would be delighted to purchase any future supplements if they are ever forthcoming. Enjoy!

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