Mythras Core Rules

By (author) Pete Nash, By (author) Lawrence Whitaker

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  • Publisher : Aeon Games
  • Published : September 2016
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : 303
  • Size : 216mm(w) x 279mm(h)
  • Catalogue No : 39121
  • ISBN 13 : 9781911471066
  • ISBN 10 : 1911471066
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A complete rulebook for creating fantastical roleplaying adventures.

Everything you need for fabulous roleplaying adventure is contained in a single volume that has been designed for any genre of fantasy. The game retains all the key concepts and hallmarks of its earlier versions, but requires no familiarity with the previous editions.

In Mythras your characters are defined by their culture, career, community, background, comrades, skills, magic and cults. Progression is through skill advancement - not levels or similarly abstract concepts. As your characters adventure and quest, their capabilities improve and their relationships deepen and strengthen. Players and Games Masters have complete flexibility over what can be achieved, and the way characters develop is entirely dependent on choices players make, depending on their characters' aspirations and motivations.

Games Masters receive a huge amount of support through the Mythras rules. All the concepts and game mechanics are explained clearly with options and considerations explored and presented for ease of use. You need only this rulebook for many years of exciting and imaginative play.

About the author

By (author) Pete Nash

By (author) Lawrence Whitaker

Reviews & Endorsements

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Brian McLean on 07/11/2020

A fantastic, comprehensive, and flexible rule system that can be used to enhance any game world. Having been a long time AD&D player Mythras gives that edge of realism without too much of the bookkeeping that can plague many other skill-based systems.

Chris Brann on 02/10/2016

A wonderful system.
A upgrade of the Runequest D100 system, which allows you to play almost any character type or in any style or any background. The magic is awesome there being four types with in the main rules and others in supplements.
This is my review of RQ6 which is the previous name for Mythras ans is here

You will also be able to read the story of four adventurers set in Hellinistic times using the rules here

Enjoy my players and I do.

Chris Brann on 02/10/2016

I wrote a review on my web site of this wonderful addition to the Mythras rule system.
This addition allows you to play more traditional level based dungeon crawl games using the Mythras system
My review here
I was also part of the playtest for the game and there is a link in the review to the story of the playtest characters.

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